Getting a Divorce

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Working as a Family lawyer with a knowledge of English and Spanish laws and procedures one thing that stands out is the concept of no-fault divorce. Spain in line with many countries in Europe introduced no-fault divorce some years ago. … Continued

Inheritance rules

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How often have you heard the phrase he or she “left all their money to the dog’s home.” British people do generally have testamentary freedom and can do this. The 3 distinct legal systems of England & Wales, Scotland and … Continued

Divorce in Spain or England

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As an English and Spanish law firm we are often asked where it is “best to divorce”. Obviously, there is no standard answer to this as each case will depend on its merits and the particular circumstances. However, as we … Continued

Business debt & debt recovery

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Owning, running and managing a business in Spain during the crisis was a real challenge. Unpaid invoices and accounts can cause immediate cash flow problems and build up longer term issues for both small and large companies. Now we are … Continued

Co-habitants rights. Do they exist?

In English law there is no such thing as a “common law marriage”. In fact the situation for co-habiting couples is causing increasing concern as more than 35% of couples who live together and share property believe they have legal … Continued