Apply now for Spanish residency

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Now is the time for people from the UK to settle in Spain. With more than 50.000 people already registered on the Costa del Sol advice from the authorities both in the UK and in Spain is to register now while the rules are clear. Covid 19 update – The authorities have advised that applications are not being dealt with during the lockdown. Whilst this will cause a delay it is still advisable to contact us about the process now so that your application will be ready when the offices re-open.

If you intend to remain in Spain more than 90 days or it is going to be your principle residence you can apply for residencia – a residency card –  under the current rules until the end of the year. From January 2021 it is not yet certain whether that will be more than 90 days in each 180 days or not. There are still negotiations taking place and everybody hopes that there will be further agreements based on reciprocity between the UK and Spain.

What is clear is the current requirement which will remain in place during this transition period. At present to apply for residence as a Pensioner with a state pension you need a letter from the DHS stating the amount you receive with a translation. You need to obtain your form S1 from your medical centre in the UK and register this with the Spanish medical system. If you own a property you need a recent Land Registry entry. You will need copies of your documents and to have your original passport with you.

If you do not have a State Pension you will need letters of proof of Private Pensions and or income with proof from a bank showing your monthly income, again with translations. The amount of income must be 855€ per month. You will also need private Spanish medical cover confirming that it is fully paid up for 1 year. Evidence of property ownership should be provided. Finally, if you are self employed in Spain (autonomo) you need the Model 037, evidence of registration at your Town Hall and evidence of Spanish health care. All UK citizens living in Spain should apply to be on the padron – registered with the Town Hall.

The appointments systems vary and some local knowledge can be very helpful in ensuring your application is dealt with. If you want to make your application now contact us on [email protected] or call on 952 931781