Covid-19 update in the Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands were recently added to the safe travel destination list and travellers arriving in Germany or the UK from the archipelago do not need to self-isolate from the 24th and 25th October respectively. This was very good news for the islands, but it was necessary to establish measures to minimize the risk of contagion by COVID-19 and reactivate tourism safely on a long term basis.

On 29th October the Canary Islands Government approved a decree that establishes that any tourist who wishes to stay in a tourist complex will have to present a negative Covid-19 test taken at most 72 hours prior to arrival. Exceptionally if no test is presented tourists can be allowed to stay in the complex if they agree to take the test and do not leave the room until they receive the result. The term to implement these measures is 10 working days from the date the decree came into force.

Receptions will have to place posters at least in 5 languages indicating the Covid-19 requirements to check-in and that hotel users will have to download and use the app Radar Covid. The hotel will have to indicate a place where the test can be taken to all users who need to present a negative test or self-isolate when they return to their country at least 48 hours before they leave.

Unfortunately, the general situation in Spain is different and almost at the same time the Spanish Congress approved a six months extension to the state of alarm that was declared on the 25th October to fight the pandemic. According to Royal Decree 926/2020 regional Governments can restrict the entrance to and the exit from their territories, social meetings are now limited to 6 people in the most of the regions and a general night curfew has been established for all the country except the Canary Islands due to its better epidemiological situation.

We hope that the general situation will improve soon, should you need to contact us in the Canary Islands please call us on +34 922719520 or email [email protected]