Fines charged during the lockdown

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The Organic Law 4/2015 issued by the Ministry of the Interior has set out a scale of fines that will be charged if people break the rules during the lockdown.

The most common fines are for:

Unauthorized travel where there are no exceptional circumstances   601€

Inappropriate behaviour     2.000€

Inappropriate behaviour with intimidation   3.000€

Threatening or violent behaviour          10.400.€

Persistently breaking the travel restrictions   1.200€

Persistently breaking the rules set down for commercial and industrial premises   2.000€

Presence of minors/children or vulnerable or disabled passengers in a car without a justifiable cause  1.500€

Unauthorized travel with other people in a vehicle   1.500€

Failing to justify the reasons for the infraction when first questioned  700€

Deliberately failing to identify yourself when stopped by the authorities    1.500€

Organising or participating in festivals, celebrations or group gatherings    10.400€

A denuncia or allegation has to be notified to the accused by way of a certified letter (con acuse de recibo)

Once issued the accused can

i) ignore the allegation which means it would be subject to an administrative proceeding and may ultimately lead to an embargo against assets

ii) Pay the fine within 15 days with a discount of 50%

iii) Contest the fine by making a submission to the authorities within 15 days of receipt

On this last point a lawyer can present the appeal against the fine on your behalf. If you have been fined and wish to challenge or appeal against a fine we offer a fixed fee service starting at 120€ plus Iva for the lowest level fine. The appeal signed by you can be entered digitally by a Spanish abogado.

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