Notary signings during the state of emergency

Filed under : Conveyancing & Property Law, Tenerife Office, Wills, Probate & Inheritance

We have received many enquiries asking us if it is possible to sign a Notary deed during the state of emergency in Spain; following Royal Decree 463/2020 and according to the instructions given by the Ministry of Justice (Directorate General for Legal Security and Notaries Public) on the 15th March and 30th March 2020, some Notary services are essential and it is possible to sign urgent deeds such us: deeds of purchase and sale of a property when the term to complete is expiring; mortgage, loans and cancellation of mortgage deeds; deeds of inheritance when the 6 months term to present the inheritance tax declaration is expiring or if there are urgent reasons such as the lack of liquidity of the inheritors; urgent Spanish wills and Powers of Attorney; companies’ urgent agreements and any other deeds that can be considered urgent according to their specific circumstances.

The Notary will decide if the deed is urgent according to his criteria and ensure that COVID-19 security measures are met at the Notary office, it is also possible to prepare Notary deeds that are not considered urgent in order for these to be signed as soon as the state of emergency ends. For more information you can call us on +34 922 719520 or email [email protected]