RDO Conference hosted in Marbella

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The prestigious Resort Development Organisation conference, Marbella was attended by the industry’s most important businesses.

Sandra Wrightson and Vera Liprandi attended the very successful RDO conference in October. This was the first under the re-named Resort Development Organisation (formerly OTE) and was a really lively and positive event. Discussions and workshops on all aspects of timeshare and the broader developments in tourism, fractionals and even the cruise industry were well attended. The legal boundaries in all these areas are constantly moving and the legal structure of timeshare and fractionals is something Vera specializes in for the Canary Islands where the largest number of resorts are based. Vera sums up her expertise by saying, “I have gained valuable experience through many years as an in-house lawyer with a timeshare resort developer with numerous complexes in the Canary Islands, gaining a genuine insight into local and regional laws. With De Cotta, I have continued to work on cases with developers and timeshare complexes in the Canary Islands, preparing contracts, resort

club constitutions, complex management contracts. I now find my work also includes handling consultations and reclamations from consumers of various countries in the EU and outside the EU.”

Sandra commented about her experience in the sector, “I now have more than 10 years experience with English and foreign developers & consumers, ranging from

dealing with distressed resorts; loans & credit; to consumer contracts. When Spain brought in a timeshare law I strategically advised a number of resorts and now have specialist knowledge of the modern public deed based resorts in Spain and the

Canary Islands. I also deal with trust issues arising from the traditional Club/Trust schemes and this is where my knowledge of conflict of laws is very helpful.”


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