Pets – New Animal Welfare Law

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In September this year a new law has come into force on Animal Welfare. Law 7/2023 incorporates important changes which affect owners of domestic animals. Here are some of the relevant provisions:

1. Domestic animals must not be left unaccompanied for more than 1 day. This is reduced from 3 days. Pets must not be habitually left on terraces, balconies, in storerooms or cellars, on patios or in vehicles.

2. Only licensed breeders can sell dogs, cats and ferrets directly to the public and private individuals or agents cannot sell domestic animals.

3. Owners of those classifed as potentially dangerous animals still have the obligation to ensure they have a licence, the animals have a short lead and muzzle, and cannot be allowed to run loose. An insurance policy is also required.

4. Animals cannot be put down for solely economic reasons, only for medical reasons.

5. All cats must be sterilized after the age of 6 months regardless of breed, gender or situation of the animal.  

6. It is obligatory for cats and ferrets as well as dogs to have identification with a microchip.

7. An obligatory ownership course is to be introduced for dog owners once the regulations are approved.  

8- Pet insurance for all breeds of dogs will be compulsory once the regulations are approved.

9. Animals cannot be purchased on the internet.

 10. The new law determines what animals can be owned as domestic pets and many exotic or wild animals are excluded unless they have been owned prior to the date of the legislation.

11. The new law establishes a series of fines for serious and less serious offences ranging from 500€ to 200.000€.

In Andalucia the regional government is running a campaign asking people to remember that ownership of dogs and cats is a responsibility as well as a joy.

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