• Legal Advice on all aspects of Spanish Property Ownership
  • Tracing of Immoveable and Moveable Property
  • Protecting Assets, Placing Embargoes, and Charges to prevent Disposal of Assets
  • Recovering Spanish Assets by applications to Land Registries
  • Selling and Disposing of Assets by Trustees and Insolvency Practitioners
  • Practical Advice on the working of the European Insolvency Regulation in Spain
  • Advising UK Solicitors and Lawyers on Conflicts of Law

De Cotta Law specialises in providing professional advice and counsel to Trustees in Bankruptcy, as well as to International Insolvency Practitioners, on all aspects of the recovery of Spanish assets.

Our services embrace the key aspects of Tracing, Protecting and Recovering Assets. These objectives, executed in a foreign jurisdiction may appear to be a daunting prospect for trustees in bankruptcy and their advisers.

However with expert strategic counsel from the legal team at De Cotta Law, together with our success in tactical execution of the necessary procedures, it is possible for Trustees in Bankruptcy and International Insolvency Practitioners to achieve their objectives.

De Cotta Law is well equipped to navigate the European legislation that permeates through the Spanish legal system and its associated bureaucracy, establishing a clearer pathway for trustees in bankruptcy seeking to recover assets and funds for the benefit of creditors.


De Cotta Law understands all the complex aspects to tracing assets and is on hand to help protect against illicit asset disposal. Therefore it is important to act if there is a suspicion of, or knowledge of, assets in Spain. The first step in tracing Spanish assets is to undertake property and company searches in the name of the bankrupt.


The best means of protecting assets is by registration of the English Court’s Bankruptcy Order and where property has been located an application can be made to register the Order directly at the Spanish Land Registry. De Cotta Law is expert in this complex area of law.

Recovering Assets

Where the trustee has successfully registered his interest the procedure to sell, dispose of or transfer the relevant asset is normally by execution of a public deed before a Spanish notary, executed by the Spanish lawyers at De Cotta Law.


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