Visa options for British nationals who want to live in Spain

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Despite Brexit, there are still a number of options for British nationals who wish to live in Spain.

Three of the most popular visas are the:

a)      Non-Lucrative visa (“NLV”); 

b)     Golden visa (“GV”); and

c)      Digital Nomad Visa (“DNV”)

All the above visas come with similar standard requirements (sufficient financial means/resources, clean criminal record check and health insurance etc).

The NLV must be applied for at a Spanish Consulate in the UK whereas the GV and the DNV can be applied for either at a Spanish Consulate in the UK or when one is already (legally) in Spain e.g. a British national who is within their 90 in 180 days.

Unlike the GV and DNV, a NLV does not allow its holder to work in Spain, even if such work is remote/online work. One must show proof that they are not working when they apply for their NLV.

The GV is the only way a Brit can turn the clocks back to before Brexit and come to (and leave) Spain and work (or not). A GV does require a significant investment – the minimum being 500.000€ in Spanish property.

The DNV is the newest visa of the three and was approved by Spain in December 2022. It has become increasingly popular this year, not just because of the flexibility it offers a new generation of remote workers to live and work in Spain but also because it potentially allows the applicant to apply for non Spanish tax resident treatment.

The visa review and decision times depend on the type of visa one applies for. The quickest are the GV and DNV (20 working days) and the longest being the NLV (3 months).

Once an applicant obtains  their visa/authorisation they need to apply for their residence card (TIE) at a Spanish National Police Station.

Each individual’s case is different and at De Cotta Law you can speak to Spanish abogados & qualified English Solicitors. All of whom speak fluent English and Spanish.

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