How do you choose a lawyer in Spain?

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Choosing your legal representative in Spain can be complex. You want some one that speaks your language and understands your culture but also you need some one who can work effectively in the Spanish legal framework. To help you make your choice, consider these questions:

Q. Does your lawyer speak your language? Do they understand the differences in the UK and Spanish legal systems?

The best choice is a firm where there are English and Spanish lawyers working together. Also, ask for evidence of UK training if a Spanish lawyer says they are a solicitor.

Q. Has the firm been established for a long time? Are they a respected and credible law firm?

There are new firms springing up all the time, but very few can boast a history dating back over a quarter of a century. Look for an established firm, which is well respected by the community, the judiciary and the tax authorities.

Q. Does the law firm have specialists?

Law is a highly complex field; for example Wills and Probate is very different to Family Law or Property Law. Make sure you have an expert looking after you.

De Cotta Law (De Cotta, McKenna & Santafé) stands out in southern Spain as one of the most experienced law firms. Established over 25 years ago, their services include: Property, Planning & Conveyancing; Wills, Probate & Tax; Family & Divorce; Personal Injury; Commercial, Timeshare & Fractionals; as well as Civil & Criminal Litigation.

Friendly English and Spanish Team

The friendly and experienced team in Nerja are available for private consultations. The team is headed by Sandra Wrightson, one of Spain’s acknowledged specialists in Family Law, Timeshare and International Law. Fellow partner, Jon Sutton is also available for expert counsel on Wills, Probate and Personal Injury.

Reyes Gomez Llorente and Francisco Martin are amongst the firm’s highly skilled Spanish abogados in Nerja, assuring all De Cotta clients the most expert service in all areas of Spanish law, especially urban and rural property; Timeshare, Divorce as well as international law.

Regional Offices

De Cotta Law has offices in Nerja, Granada, Coín, Mijas-Costa and Tenerife offer one of the best legal networks, staffed by highly experienced English lawyers and Spanish abogados.

International Scope

In addition, the firm’s expertise is international, working closely with their UK and global network of associates, clients are assured seamless service on all issues such as Wills & Probate; Family Law, including divorce and child abduction; Property, including Timeshare and buying and selling permanent and holiday homes.


The team is multi-lingual and in Nerja alone boasts some of the coast’s most experiences lawyers speaking English, Spanish, Danish, Dutch and Italian.

Private Consultations

Contact us to find out more, and to book a free consultation.