A Lesson in Social Graces – animated video about dangers of tailgating

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The British Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) have published this amusing and very effective short, one minute animated cartoon, called ‘A Lesson in Social Graces’ to help convey the dangers of tailgating in the car.

‘A Lesson in Social Graces’ is part of APIL’s #backoff campaign to reduce whiplash injuries by educating motorists about the dangers of tailgating. It reflects one of the association’s key objectives of working to prevent needless injury and sits alongside our other campaign activities related to this issue: lobbying to prevent an increase in the small claims court limit in England and Wales; providing written and oral evidence about whiplash claims to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee; and producing a booklet dispelling popular myths on the issue – The Whiplash Report 2012

You can join the campaign on Facebook here.