Wills and Probate for UK Lawyers

  • Strategic Wills & Probate Services for UK Lawyers 
  • Advice on Spanish Wills & Probate
  • Experts In Estates With Assets In Spain
  • Spanish Wills Service – with “signing service” in the UK
  • Certificates of Spanish Law & Valuations of Spanish Estates

Inheritance is a particularly complex area of law if the estate includes assets outside the UK. Therefore De Cotta Law is ideally suited to be your legal partner with regards to the estates of foreign nationals in Spain and the Canary Islands.

Our experienced, multi-lingual Probate department handles inheritance of Spanish and English estates, offering strategic advice to other law firms in the UK and further a field on obligatory heirs, succession to Spanish estates and Private International Law, including conflict of laws or jurisdiction.

On your behalf, we can value Spanish estates for UK probate purposes; apply for “Grants of Probate” or “Letters of Administration” for Spanish estates.

Our Estate Planning department are experts in dealing with estates that have assets in Spain, the UK and offshore. We are able to draft Spanish Wills on your behalf, taking into account where assets are held and the specific succession arrangements that are necessary. For the additional convenience of your clients that do not live all year round in Spain, we can easily arrange for them to sign their new Spanish Will in the UK.

Specialist Trust formation and inheritance tax advice is available that embraces both UK and Spanish jurisdictions.