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Konceptet “äktenskapsregim” är ett fenomen som normalt inte förekommer i Sverige. I Spanien och många andra europeiska länder när folk gifter sig, väljer de antingen äktenskapsregim eller att per automatik all egendom i äktenskapet omvandlas till gemensam egendom – så … Fortsættes

International Mediation

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De Cotta Law hosted a meeting of the House of International Mediation at the Museo Carmen Thyssen in Málaga recently. The event was attended by members from different countries including the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. The group provides mediation services … Fortsættes

How do you choose a lawyer in Spain?

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Choosing your legal representative in Spain can be complex. You want some one that speaks your language and understands your culture but also you need some one who can work effectively in the Spanish legal framework. To help you make … Fortsættes

Cloned Web Sites – Be vigilant

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Online Advice:   DeCotta, McKenna & Santafé are committed to your privacy and online security. Please note we only contact our clients from official decottalaw.com email addresses and from our registered phone lines. Please feel free to contact any of … Fortsættes