Powers of attorney

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Powers of attorney can be very helpful particularly between a couple, family or friends who jointly own property. It is important to take advice and to keep clear records if you hold a power of attorney. The involvement of an … Continued

Travelling with children

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Travelling is very much part of our lives in Europe. If you are travelling with children it is very much taken for granted that you won´t have any problems provided you all have valid passports. However, if the children do … Continued

Family lawyers – a blessing or a curse

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We all know good news is heard less often and that bad news sells newspapers. My good news this month is that family lawyers can, and indeed do, help couples whose relationship breaks down. In particular, where there are children … Continued

Family Law Spain

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Family law is a wide field and there are many solutions both in the courts and as private agreements. Advice taken early as a precaution can be very helpful. When a conflict can only be resolved in court it is … Continued

Child abduction and international families

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Many families will be spending time away on holiday in August. The return to school and work is always difficult but for families who live apart or have to return to different countries this can be even more difficult. Perhaps … Continued

Divorce and maintenance

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In 1979 Lord Scarman sought to emphasise the principle of a clean break when a marriage ends in divorce –  “An object of the modern law is to encourage (the parties) to put the past behind them and to begin … Continued

Grounds of divorce

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Working as a Family lawyer with a knowledge of English and Spanish laws and procedures one thing that stands out is the concept of no-fault divorce. Spain in line with many countries in Europe introduced no-fault divorce some years ago. … Continued