Child Abduction

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Changing your Children’s country of residence –  The summer holidays are coming to an end and for some families this means the end of a stay with a parent who lives or works in a different country. Perhaps the children … Continued

Custody & Maintenance Orders

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Can a court order for maintenance or custody be modified? When the Court grants an order in family proceedings for separation, divorce or custody the financial, housing and visits will be considered at the time the order is made. As the … Continued

Joint custody

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The number of legal cases in which parents request joint custody is increasing.  However, every Court decision relating to the custody should aim at securing the best interests of the child on the separation of the family. Joint Custody can … Continued

Custody of children when moving abroad

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This is an important issue as moving to another country with your children without the agreement of both parents can have a disastrous effect. Relocation of children can be agreed but the failure to ensure you have an agreement or … Continued

Family agreements for children

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Many families travel back to their home countries at Christmas or come to Spain to visit parents and siblings. If children of the family are living with one parent who has custody and visiting another parent it is very important … Continued

Family Law Updates for UK Nationals

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Recommendation on Pre nuptial contracts The Law Commission for England and Wales has recommended that pre nuptial contracts – an agreement on financial division of assets during the marriage and in the event of divorce – should become enforceable provided … Continued