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  • Fiscal Representation For Residents & Non-Residents
  • CGT & Timeshare Taxes
  • Property Sales Tax, Property Purchase Tax, Property Income Tax
  • Property Rental Income Tax
  • Company Tax For Spanish & Non-Resident Businesses

The effective and legitimate management of taxation is a priority for residents and non residents alike. So, it is reassuring that at De Cotta Law, our multilingual team combines legal and financial capability.

The complexities of a foreign tax system often mean that if you are a non-resident property or business owner here in Spain or the Canary Islands, it is very important to have effective legal and financial support.

We are able to advise you on each aspect of your private and commercial tax obligations and ensure you are compliant with Spanish tax legislation with regards to foreign property ownership, non-resident companies and annual tax returns.

Relevant non-resident taxes include CGT income tax, timeshare tax and self-assessed property taxes. It is worth noting that in Spain property tax laws have recently changed and that the new tax returns for property cannot be automated and must be manually prepared and lodged each year within strict guidelines and timeframes.

As your fiscal representatives in Spain, you can be confident that we will notify you annually of your Spanish taxes as a non-resident and even arrange payment of these on your behalf from lodged funds.

If you are already a Spanish resident, or later obtain residency, then our in-house tax specialists here at De Cotta Law will be available to administer your private and business taxes and submit your annual Spanish tax returns.

It has come to our attention that someone claiming to have a previous connection to De Cotta Law has been contacting property owners in the Costa del Sol. If you receive such a correspondence, do not reply, do not send any documents and notify us.
De Cotta Law remains vigilant in respect of cyber fraud and identity fraud which is sadly becoming more prevalent.

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