Taxation in Spain for Residents and Non resident property owners

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Whether you are tax resident in Spain or own a holiday home here and live in another country the different tax system in Spain can seem very daunting. Every country has particular rules and obligations and by ensuring your affairs are dealt with by professional advisers you can ensure that tax bills you receive are correctly dealt with.

In some cases, the tax authority sends demands which are based on incorrect or missing information and you need someone to challenge or appeal decisions.

Residents are subject to tax on their worldwide income, this is regardless of where that income is generated.  If you are tax resident and also have income from outside of Spain your adviser can ensure that you can benefit from available reductions and not be subject to any Double Taxation.

Tax residence is acquired if you are resident in Spain for more than 183 days. However, it is very important to note that the tax authorities can consider you to be tax resident in Spain if your family and underage dependant children live permanently in Spain even if you are working outside of Spain for a good part of the year.  

Non Residents

Individuals who own property in Spain but are not resident have to make an annual declaration. This is a form of income tax based on the rateable (catastral) value of your property.

If you rent out the property this return should be completed on a quarterly basis. Since Brexit some tax reductions are no longer available to British clients renting out property. 

We are very aware that each case is different, it is your particular circumstances that will be considered and you will receive tailored advice and reminders for resident and non resident taxes once you are registered as a client.

Our Tax Department also offers comprehensive advice to Companies from many different countries and we can assist with registering, obtaining Fiscal numbers and entering returns.

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