spanish inheritance tax


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When a spouse or family members dies having left no will in Spain or outside Spain the procedure can be very costly and time consuming. In the UK you can generally notify the Land Registry, the banks etc to transfer … Continued

Insurance claims – Mortgage and Health claims

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Insurance company products and services are very important particularly when you are not in your home country and might not understand all of the implications of the various policy options. A good broker can help you but sadly we have … Continued

Holiday rentals in Andalucia

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We are pleased to say that one year since this legislation came into effect many of our clients are now receiving registration numbers issued by the Junta de Andalucia for Holiday Rental properties. The registration document provides a VFT number … Continued

Family Law Spain

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Family law is a wide field and there are many solutions both in the courts and as private agreements. Advice taken early as a precaution can be very helpful. When a conflict can only be resolved in court it is … Continued

Personal Injury Claims in Spain

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We frequently receive enquires at our offices regarding falls that our clients have suffered and the possibility of making a personal injury claim. Our answer is always the same: it depends where the fall has occurred. If the fall happened … Continued

Bank Claims

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It is now eight months since the government introduced legislation to deal with claims against banks for maintaining interest rates above Euribor by including floor clauses in mortgages. The aim of the system was to prevent a high number of … Continued