Litigation in Spain

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As a law firm with clients from many different countries, we have the advantage of being able to advise companies and individuals in their own language on all aspects of Spanish litigation. This can range from debt enforcement to complex

Powers of attorney

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Powers of attorney can be very helpful particularly between a couple, family or friends who jointly own property. It is important to take advice and to keep clear records if you hold a power of attorney. The involvement of an

Travelling with children

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Travelling is very much part of our lives in Europe. If you are travelling with children it is very much taken for granted that you won´t have any problems provided you all have valid passports. However, if the children do

Family lawyers – a blessing or a curse

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We all know good news is heard less often and that bad news sells newspapers. My good news this month is that family lawyers can, and indeed do, help couples whose relationship breaks down. In particular, where there are children

Property injunctions – Boundary disputes

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In Spain it is possible to obtain court injunctions where there is evidence that a neighbour is building on part of your property or building without a licence and the construction affects your property rights. For example, if you live

Contact and residence orders in Family cases

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Re-establishing contact for a Father who had not seen his 11 year old daughter for 6 years We have successfully acted for a father who has been given a court order for contact with his 11 year old daughter after

Recovering & protecting Spanish assets

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The good news for Insolvency Practitioners & Trustees in Bankruptcy is that Spanish property values are increasing. If a bankrupt individual or an insolvent company owns assets in Spain it is a good time to place a charge on the

Eviction proceedings in Spain

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Two recent changes in legislation on evictions have helped property owners to recover property from squatters, occupants who fail to pay and anyone who does not have a legitimate right to stay in a property. Firstly the law on Urban