Non lucrative Visas to live in Spain

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For British nationals who wish to reside in Spain there are two main options: Non-Lucrative visas are for those who can show evidence of income outside of Spain and have private medical care.

If you wish to apply for the Non-Lucrative Visa the first application can be made on line by our specialist lawyer. The application is made to the relevant Spanish Consulate in the UK who will then issue a fixed appointment. You will attend in person with the original documentation, copies of which will have been scanned to them by our lawyer. The Spanish authorities will answer, normally within a month to six weeks, as to whether your application has been successful. If successful, you return to have your passport stamped with the visa (visado). This visa is for those who wish to become permanent residents in Spain. You will then attend the local police station with evidence of rental or ownership of property and your registration with the Town Hall where your residence card will be issued. This residence will be valid for one year and renewable for two consecutive two-year periods thereafter.

You will need to be able to prove income of approximately 28,000€ for the main applicant and in the region of an additional 600€ monthly for economic dependants. You will also need private medical insurance and a clean criminal records check.

Please bear in mind that if the application is not made correctly the request can be refused and you will not be reimbursed the Spanish Consulate visa fee which is currently 516 GBP for the Non-Lucrative visa.

Golden visas are for those who have more than 500,000€ to invest in Spain. For more information contact us. 

Each individual’s case is different and at De Cotta Law you can speak to Spanish abogados & qualified English Solicitors. Call +34 952 527 014 or email [email protected] for legal advice, and if your enquiry is about Residency ask to speak to Sam Baker. For our Tenerife office please call on +34 922 719 520 or email on [email protected] or [email protected] if you need advice. Vera Liprandi is our Partner at the Tenerife office for the Canary Islands.