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For British nationals who wish to reside in Spain there are a number of options. Non-lucrative Visas are for those who do not wish to work in Spain and can show evidence of income and have private medical care. Golden

Covid 19 & Property Update for Spain

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You will have heard of new Covid restrictions introduced in Spain. For updates on the current situation in English we recommend you refer to Many of our clients and those wishing to come to Spain will have a variety

Fines charged during the lockdown

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The Organic Law 4/2015 issued by the Ministry of the Interior has set out a scale of fines that will be charged if people break the rules during the lockdown. The most common fines are for: Unauthorized travel where there

De Cotta Law Family Law in Spain and UK

Child Abduction in the state of emergency

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Child Abduction is when a parent takes a child to another country without the express consent and agreement of the other parent intending to change the child’s country of habitual residence. As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic travel

Do you need advice about your Spanish property

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With the travel ban likely to continue into the summer do you need advice about your property in Spain? We can provide legal advice, arrange property management and security in all areas of Spain and the islands. Property owners may