Handwritten wills in Spain

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A holographic or hand-written will is a document that has been completely written out by hand by the testator and has been signed by him or her. This is different to a will executed and signed before a public notary in Spain. Provided a hand-written will complies with

Apply now for Spanish residency

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Now is the time for people from the UK to settle in Spain. With more than 50.000 people already registered on the Costa del Sol advice from the authorities both in the UK and in Spain is to register now

Family Law Specialists

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Our Specialist team of Family lawyers include both English and Spanish Lawyers to offer you the best advice and support in regards to English and Spanish family law cases in both countries. We also advise on all areas of family

Removing squatters and non-paying tenants

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Recent years have seen an increase in the number of squatters and non-paying tenants occupying empty Spanish properties. In the past a type of “professional” squatter took advantage of delays in the traditional criminal and civil procedures for Evictions.