Child Adbuction cases – Seeking advice

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With the growing number of families with parents living in different countries it is important to be able to get accurate and quick advice if a child is removed from their country of habitual residence. Our specialist lawyer Reyes Gómez Llorente is a member of the Association of Professionals dealing with cases where children are abducted. This important group comprising Judges, lawyers and mediators shares and distributes information and advice on child abduction cases. At their recent meeting the work of the commission on the operation of the Hague Convention proceedings was reviewed.

It is very important to understand that where a parent has custody it does not follow that they can change the child’s country of residence without agreement of the other parent. Before making any decision on moving from one country to another it is important to get advice, in most cases agreement can be reached and a written and/or court sanctioned agreement will resolve the issues. Equally a parent who has visiting rights can agree to periods outside the country of the child’s residence. A specialist lawyer can draw up and advise on these agreements to avoid misunderstandings and possibly lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

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