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The Spanish Association of Professionals working in the field of International Child Abduction (Asime) held a Conference in Málaga on 23rd & 24th November.  Our specialist lawyer, Reyes Gomez Llorente attended the event.

A number of professionals from different countries discussed the workings of the Hague Convention of 1980. Each country has special measures under the convention to guarantee the return of children to their country of habitual residence. Representatives of the 8th Special commission on the Hague Convention were also present.

The way in which different countries treat Domestic and gender violence was discussed in the context of an exception to the general rule of the return of the minor. Equally the conference considered for the first time how this Convention interacts with an application for asylum by either of the parents in the country where the child has been taken.

Reyes had the opportunity to discuss and debate these issues at the conference. Everyone was in agreement that anyone thinking of moving to another country and changing a child’s habitual residence should seek specialised legal advice before taking this step.

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