You are hereby notified that DE COTTA MCKENNA Y SANTAFE S.L.P. (hereinafter “DE COTTA LAW”) with Spanish Tax Identification Code B92141563 and registered address at Centro Comercial Valdepinos 1-3A, Urbanización Calypso, 29649 Mijas Costa (España), advise you of its Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”), which will apply to all the personal data of users over 18 years of age that we process, and which will be provided through our website (hereinafter the “Website”).

DE COTTA LAW reserves, at its own discretion, the right to modify its Privacy Policy, whenever there is a change in the law or in the practices of the organisation. Such changes will be published on this Website and any resources that may be necessary to read them will be made available to the user. In any event, the relationship with the user will be governed by the regulations that are in force at the time the access to the Website takes place.

We recommend that you thoroughly read this Privacy Policy, of which the content and the information provided are important in order to understand our practices in connection with the processing of the personal data you have provided, or which we have gathered in any other way through the Website (hereinafter “Personal Data”). DE COTTA LAW is the organisation responsible for the processing of the Personal Data.


We will need to use your personal data for certain purposes that are stated on the Website. In particular if you intend to use, or submit a request for, certain services that we offer, we will gather them in order to be able to answer your enquiry or request, or to send you our newsletters, or any other type of information that may be of interest to you. Apart from the information that you must provide to us, you are notified that we also gather information related merely to the fact of having navigated our Website.

Below you will find the type of Personal Data that we process, the purposes for which they are used and the term during which we keep them:

1.- Customer services. We process identification and contact details in order to answer questions relating to our services. We are authorised to do so based on the legitimate interest that DE COTTA LAW has to process your data in order to answer your request.

We will keep your data for a maximum period of four years, counting from the date on which the enquiry was resolved.

2.- Newsletter distribution. We use your e-mail address and the other contact details that you provide to us in order to send you information about our services, including our newsletters. If you do not wish to receive the aforementioned information, you can cancel your subscription at any time by using the subscription cancellation function provided on each e-mail message or by contacting us.

We are authorised to do this on the grounds of the express consent that you give us. We will keep your data until you inform us that you opt not to receive our marketing messages, or for four years, in the event that you have not interacted with the messages sent.

3.- Sending your C.V. We use your e-mail address and the rest of your contact details, or details that appear on your CV, in order to incorporate them in our recruitment files.

We are authorised to do so on the grounds of the express consent that you give us. We will keep your data until you tell us that you wish to cancel them, or for a maximum period of two years counting from the date on which you provided your data to us.

4.- Hiring services. We will use and keep the personal data about you that are deemed necessary in order to manage our contractual relationship in connection with the services chosen by you through this Website. For such purposes, we will keep your data for the period that is necessary in order to comply with the rights and liabilities arising from the type of services that you hire.

5. – Notwithstanding the aforementioned, your personal data will be also kept when so required by law, or for any other purpose for we are authorised.


The data provided will be kept while the business relationship exists, or for the years that are necessary in order to meet legal obligations. The data will not be assigned to third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so.


Under the regulations in force relating to personal data protection, we respect your privacy and we undertake to keep your personal data safe and to manage them pursuant to our legal obligations relating to privacy and security.

For such purposes, we have the technical, physical and organisational measures that are necessary in order to protect the personal data gathered through the Website against bad usage, destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, purchase, or accidental, illegal or unauthorised access.

However, you are aware that the security measures on Internet are not impregnable and for this reason we assume no responsibility for any access that is unauthorised or out of our control.


Our Website may contain links to other websites that belong to third parties. We are not responsible for the privacy practices, the contents or the security used by those websites, which are not governed by this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you thoroughly read the privacy policy of any website that is not related to DE COTTA LAW.


Certain information mentioned in this Privacy Policy is gathered through the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files containing information that is downloaded and can be stored on your user device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

These cookies can be necessary in order to remember the configuration of your account, the language and the country, together with other details. In addition, they allow measurement and analysis of your behaviour on our Website, and show you personalised notices on our Website, or on the websites of third parties.

Whenever it is necessary, you will be requested to give your consent for our use of cookies. You will find more information relating to the cookies we use and how we use them in the Cookies Policy section.


Upon production of an identity document or passport, the holders of the personal data (interested party) can exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection and data portability. The person responsible for processing the data is obliged to answer the interested party without any undue delay.

  • With regard to the right of access, the interested party will be provided with a list of the personal data that are available together with the purposes for which they have been gathered, the identity of those who will receive the data, the term during which the data will be kept and the identity of the person in charge of them who can be contacted in order to request the rectification, erasure or objection to the processing of the data.
  • With regard to the right to rectification, any data of the interested party that is considered inaccurate or incomplete, in the light of the purpose for which they have been processed, will be modified.
  • With regard to the right to erasure, the data of the interested parties will be erased when the party states the objection or refusal to the consent that is necessary to give in order to process the data and if there is no legal obligation preventing erasure.
  • With regard to the right to data portability, the interested parties must report their decision and inform the person responsible, where appropriate, about the identity of the new person in charge to whom the data must be provided.

In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, contact DE COTTA MCKENNA Y SANTAFE S.L.P. by writing to the following e-mail address: [email protected], you must provide a copy of your DNI or official document in force evidencing your identity.


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