How Does The Spanish Driving License Penalty System Work?

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Yes that popular catchphrase is being
changed from prizes to points with the introduction on

1 July 2006 in Spain of the new legislation governing driving licences with points.

Similar to the UK where
point penalties have been in place for years and following the successful
introduction of the points scheme in France
which has resulted in a significant decrease in serious road traffic accidents,
it is now Spain´s turn.

So how does it work?

Well each driver of more than 3 years experience
is allocated 12 points and those drivers of less than 3 years experience 8
points. For each driving offence, points are deducted from your allocation and
once you have nil point you lose your licence.

How long will I lose my licence for?

This depends on the driving offence but for
a string of minor offences you will lose your driving licence the first time
for six months. If you do not learn your lesson and after you regain your
licence you continue to commit offences, then the second time around you will
lose your licence for more than twelve months.

How can I recover my licence or reduce my
dreaded points?

By being good and attending specially
designed driving classes improving your driving ability and making you aware of
the errors of your ways. By attending classes, no more than 1 every 4 years,
you can knock off 4 points. My next door neighbour who happens to be a driving
instructor is delighted at the increased work he is likely to see.
Alternatively if you behave for 3 years without committing further offences you
will be granted a clean slate.

How much will I be fined?

It depends on the offence but fines will
range from 90 to 600 euros.

Below are some of the offences for which
you will receive points.

6 points

Driving under the influence of alcohol and

Not consenting to an alcohol or drugs test

Driving in the wrong direction

Dangerous driving

Drivivng over 180 km on the motorway

4 points

Throwing dangerous objects which could
cause accidents or fire.

Negligent driving

Failing to give way and to stop at a stop

Placing cyclists in danger

Overtaking dangerously

3 points

Failing to maintain a safe distance between
you and the next vehicle

Using a mobile phone whilst driving

Stopping or parking in dangerous places

2 points

Driving without using a seat belt

Minors not in a child seat

Driving without an approved helmet

For more information on the new legislation
visit this web site.

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