Legal Consultations in Nerja – Special Offer in July & August

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Have your legal questions answered…

• Do you know if you will be affected by new proposals on private holiday lets?

• Do you know if you need an Energy Performance Certificate for your home?

• Do you know if the new mortgage law can help you?

New laws and regulations are coming into force all the time and as the old adage goes, ‘ignorance is no defence’.
So, if you have a legal question concerning Family Law, Wills or Inheritance, Property Law, Timeshare, Tax, Business Law, or Personal Injury then talk to the experts at De Cotta Law.

Book a Private Legal Consultation now.
De Cotta Law (De Cotta, McKenna & Santafé) believe that the preliminary legal consultation is the most important moment in building the framework for success with your legal matter. This is when the initial understanding of your need, dispute or conflict must be fully understood; assuring you of the best possible advice in your particular circumstances.

At De Cotta Law you not only get straight answers to your legal questions, but you also have access to a lawyer that is experienced in the exact area of law you need.
De Cotta Law profoundly believe in the value of this type of professional service and that’s why they normally ask for a fee of 80 euro that is a contribution towards our costs for the consultation and related work.

However, as a special offer, if you mention this article, consultations in the Nerja office throughout July and August are just 50 euro.
At De Cotta you are given access to a highly experienced lawyer who will not only spend quality, one-on-one time with you in the consultation, but read materials associated with your potential case and prepare a valuable review.

After a De Cotta Law legal consultation, you are fully equipped with the advice and knowledge upon which to make your decision whether to proceed or not.
There may be many reasons that motivate you to seek legal advice; you are seeking a divorce; you have child custody problems; you want a new will or a relative has died; you are in dispute over property investments; you are looking to buy a new home; or maybe you have been injured in an accident and want compensation. Seeking advice from a professional lawyer can also help you find ways to recover the costs of your legal fees.
Take a look at household or car insurance policies; possibly you have legal assistance that will pay or contribute towards fees. Maybe your circumstances here in Spain mean you qualify for legal assistance (justicia gratuita). In addition, in some disputes you may be able to recover your costs from the other party.

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This special offer is only available in the De Cotta Law Nerja office and is subject to availability.