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For most of us in Spain we turn to a lawyer for life’s more familiar issues; like buying or selling a property; making a claim for an injury; drafting a Will or managing the estate of a loved one during probate. 

Although De Cotta Law is well positioned to help in all these matters and more, the firm is also highly acclaimed in the area of Criminal Law.

Criminal Law encompasses a broad range of matters and De Cotta Law is able to assist you and your loved ones with them all, including: Representation Of The Victims Of Crime & The Relatives Of Victims; Resolution of Drink Driving Prosecutions; Domestic Violence; Victims of Fraud & Documentary Falsifications; Insolvency and even Extradition issues.

De Cotta Law has two of the region’s leading Criminal Lawyers including Javier Florido based in the Coín office and Francisco Javier Martín Martín based in Nerja.  Recent successfully resolved cases have included:


Urban Corruption

Successfully defending a British citizen accused of involvement in a corruption syndicate.

Successful representing a British citizen who paid a construction company to build his home, only to have to later demolish the property due to poor quality building practices.

The client won compensation and the builder was fined and imprisoned.



Representing the family of an English woman murdered by her partner here in Spain, The defendant was sentenced to 18 years in prison and the family received 180,000 euros in compensation.

Although these types of criminality do not touch many of our lives when they do, an experienced lawyer is essential.  To find out more, contact an English lawyer at De Cotta law or one of our English speaking Criminal lawyers:


Javier Florido

Javier graduated in Law from the University of Malaga in 1991, and has been a member of Malaga’s Illustrious College of Lawyers since 1995.

With a broad range of legal experience, developed through his time at one of Malaga’s best known law firms, Javier specialises in criminal, civil & commercial litigation.


Francisco Javier Martín Martín

Francisco studied law at the Universities of Malaga and Granada before gaining valuable expertise in one of the region’s well known law firms.

He also spent a year with a law firm in Exeter, in the UK, to gain a genuine insight and understanding of English law.

With De Cotta law, Francisco is based at our Nerja office and specialises in Criminal Law and Property Law.

If you wish more information on this particular topic or would like to discuss any matter raised in this article, contact Sandra Wrightson or Javier Florido on 952 527 014.  Offices in Mijas Costa, Coín, Nerja, Granada and Tenerife.


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