PERSONAL INJURY – CASE STUDY – UK Claimant seriously injured in an accident at a hotel while on holiday in Spain

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De Cotta Law has a highly effective Personal Injury division, providing legal services not only to foriegn residents, tourists and visitors to Spain, but also professional services to international law firms including UK solicitors. Here we publish an interesting case … Continued

De Cotta Law wins a case against the Andalusian Health Service for medical neglicence – De Cotta Law gana un caso contra el Servicio Andaluz de Salud por negligencia médica

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In this case, the patient was receiving chemotherapy treatment after successful oncology surgery. The chemotherapy drug that was administered intravenously, caused serious injuries to the patient’s arm, which have left a chronic condition. The Court ruled that while it is … Continued


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By Reyes Gomez Llorente, Spanish Lawyer & Sandra Wrightson, Overseas Barrister – De Cotta Law Successfully implementation of a foreign judgement in Spain could be a complex and delicate matter; so it is essential you get advice and support from … Continued