For UK nationals living in Spain

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The British government is providing current and vital information for all British people moving to or living in Spain. This includes information and guidance on passports, healthcare, working, pensions and much more. This advice is up to date so you … Fortsættes

Litigation in Spain

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As a law firm with clients from many different countries, we have the advantage of being able to advise companies and individuals in their own language on all aspects of Spanish litigation. This can range from debt enforcement to complex … Fortsættes

Rättstvister i Spanien

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En advokatbyrå med kunder från flera olika länder ger oss fördelen att kunna rådge företag och privatpersoner på deras egna språk i alla aspekter av spanska rättstvister. Rättstvister kan ha sin grund i återbetalning av lån, komplexa fastighetsärenden, så som … Fortsættes

Powers of attorney

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Powers of attorney can be very helpful particularly between a couple, family or friends who jointly own property. It is important to take advice and to keep clear records if you hold a power of attorney. The involvement of an … Fortsættes