Residency for British Citizens – The Foreign Identity card – TIE

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A new residence document was introduced last year for British Citizens in accordance with the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement between Britain and Spain. An application can now be made for those who were residing in Spain prior to 31st December 2020. Your citizen’s rights under EU law will be maintained, this includes the right to move to and legally reside in Spain.

The Official Bulletin has now been published and applications can commence immediately. For new applicants for residency there is a 2 stage process.

In the First stage a submission is made to the Foreign Residency (Extranjeria) office with documentary evidence. You can do this in person, but we can now offer this service submitting the documentation digitally. We have dedicated lawyers registered with the Extranjeria for these applications.

The documents include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • The completed form or Application for Residency
  • Passports and where necessary Birth Certificates for children or dependants
  • Certificado de Empadronamiento – Town Hall certificate showing you are registered as living in the municipality.
  • Evidence of employment, registration as self-employed or proof of income
  • Evidence of either Private Medical insurance or State Health provision with form S1 from the UK

Once the Application is submitted there will be notification if there is any document missing or any error. There would be 10 days in which to rectify the Application or provide further documents.

If the application is successful you will be notified within a maximum period of 3 months. In the Second stage you will need to attend a Police Station in person with photographs and a Form which we can assist with. You will then be issued with the TIE allowing you to have all the current rights of EU citizens.

For those of you who hold the Green card showing your current residence in Spain this can be changed in a one stage procedure by attending the Police station with the forms and photographs. We can also advise on and assist with this procedure and obtain appointments ensuring you get your new card. There is no immediate obligation to do this, but we are recommending current residents get their applications in over the coming months.

We treat each case individually and can respond to your questions. We can advise on costs, taxes and all matters of Civil Law and we have a busy tax department both for Residents and non-residents. Please contact us on [email protected] or call on +34 952 931781

For our Tenerife office call +34  922 719520, email [email protected]