Jon Sutton, Partner De Cotta Law Coin, has been assisting the Retamar Marquez Family in the UK

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Sergio Retamar Marquez, a 23 year student from Coin, Malaga, was brutally murdered by his flatmates in Bournemouth UK in July 2012.

Sergio Retamar Marquez –

It was a crime that shocked both the UK and Spain. The foreign resident community in Coin came together to support the Retamar Marquez family. De Cotta Law which maintains an office in Coin has been working closely with the family since the tragedy, providing legal assistance, holding funds raised by the local community and recently, assisting the Spanish Retamar Marquez family with press interviews in the UK.

Karl Addo, who shared a flat with Mr Marquez in Lansdowne Road Bournemouth was last week convicted and sentenced for the murder, having admitted the manslaughter of student Sergio Retamar Marquez on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Addo could be detained indefinitely under the UK Mental Health Act.

Jon Sutton, Partner at De Cotta Law, and Head of the Coin office has been spending recent days in the UK to support Mr Marquez’s mother, Maria Carmen Marquez Torre and provide assistance with media interviews following the trial. Local residents in Coin have planted a tree in remembrance of Mr Marquez.