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The Spanish Association of Professionals working in the field of International Child Abduction (Asime) held a Conference in Málaga on 23rd & 24th November.  Our specialist lawyer, Reyes Gomez Llorente attended the event. A number of professionals from different countries

Sponsorship of sports event

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De Cotta Law were very proud to be one of the sponsors of the X111 Padel Tennis Tournament at Vincci Costa Golf in Chiclana recently. Over 900 people attended at the event over the weekend of 27th to 29th October.

Visa options for British nationals who want to live in Spain

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Despite Brexit, there are still a number of options for British nationals who wish to live in Spain. Three of the most popular visas are the: a)      Non-Lucrative visa (“NLV”);  b)     Golden visa (“GV”); and c)      Digital Nomad Visa (“DNV”) All

Pets – New Animal Welfare Law

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In September this year a new law has come into force on Animal Welfare. Law 7/2023 incorporates important changes which affect owners of domestic animals. Here are some of the relevant provisions: 1. Domestic animals must not be left unaccompanied

Canary Islands Inheritance and Gift tax update

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Last week the Canary Islands Government has modified the inheritance and gift tax allowances that are applicable in the Canary Islands: a 99.9% inheritance tax allowance is now generally applicable to Group II (children and adopted children of 21 years

90 in 180 days – is it really that bad?

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Since I joined De Cotta Law in 2021, I have spoken to lots of clients about the ‘90 in 180 day rule’. Many Brits claim that this is unduly restrictive, with some of them even deciding to sell their second

Spanish tax notifications

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The actions of Spain´s Tax Authority (the “Agencia Tributaria” in Spanish, and referred to as “AT” from this point) in recent years suggests an increased focus on fighting tax havens, searching for hidden assets and controlling international taxation. One of

Non lucrative Visas to live in Spain

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For British nationals who wish to reside in Spain there are two main options. Non-Lucrative visa (“NLV”) is mainly aimed at those who are retired, although being retired is not a condition for applying.  A Golden visa (“GV”) is for

Sharing a pension on divorce

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In the UK courts there are provisions for sharing a pension or splitting a pension on divorce. In England this is either by a Pension Sharing Order or a Pension Splitting Order. This can be very important where the couple