Holiday rentals and Tourism law

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On Friday 1 July the Marbella Congress, Fairs y Exhibitions Centre housed the first Congress that dealt with the Law relevant to Tourism. The event was organised by the Malaga Bar Association in collaboration with Marbella Town Hall.  The seminar raised questions on the legal and regulating framework of the Tourism Law, the peculiarities of hotel management contracts, compared to similar business contracts, regulatory and corporate compliance in the hotel sector and the present situation of the touristic apartments and other touristic properties.

There was also a discussion on the challenges of this legislation and the necessity of specific training in it.

A complete understanding of the Law in Tourism is essential for the legal profession in the 21st century, especially for those professionals who cover the Spanish coastal areas such as the Costa del Sol. This area of law is applicable to everyday situations such as the drafting of a contract, building or enlarging a hotel, bar or restaurant, or obtaining an opening licence.

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