De Cotta Law wins a case against the Andalusian Health Service for medical neglicence

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In this case, the patient was receiving chemotherapy treatment after successful oncology surgery.

The chemotherapy drug that was administered intravenously, caused serious injuries to the patient’s arm, which have left a chronic condition.

The Court ruled that while it is true the damage caused by the drug entering the arm, outside the vein, could be considered an accident, yet the subsequent performance of the Andalusian Health Service to treat this accident was not correct, and this was the cause of considerable damage to the arm and subsequent now on-going chronic condition.

It was ruled that the hospital did not act immediately following the recognition of the medical emergency, and that the initial response was poor and incorrect.

In addition, the patient suffered further delays for emergency treatment.
In the court proceedings De Cotta Law proved that had the Andalusian Health Service acted with greater diligence when treating these injuries, the effects of the accident would have been successfully minimised and the patient would not have suffered the consequences of what is now a chronic condition.

Andalusian Health Service was obliged to compensate the victim in excess of € 70,000.

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