De Cotta Law’s Gisele van Meer Conveyancing Partner at Second Home Expo

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We’re just back from Brussels, where we attended the ‘Second Home International Expo’ with one of our real estate partners, SLG Property.

De Cotta Law's Gisele van Meer witrh SLG Property
From left to right: Ron de Vries (SLG Property); Gisele van Meer (De Cotta Law); Willem Bruins (SLG Property)

As an independent law firm, we are not aligned with any one single real estate firm, assuring clients of a fair and independent service. We work with a number of quality, ethical firms in Spain and Europe and when possible will attend shows to meet potential clients, to help answer legal questions and give information about the market in Southern Spain.

Our conveyancing Partner and property expert, Gisele van Meer is just back from Brussels where she met a number of people actively looking to invest in the Spanish property market.

De Cotta Law's Gisele van Meer at Second Home International Expo Brussel 2013
De Cotta Law's Gisele van Meer at Second Home International Expo Brussel 2013


She was the legal counsel for Ron de Vries (SLG Property) and Willem Bruins (SLG Property) on their stand at the show. 

Willem Bruins, Ron de Vries SLG Property

Willem Bruins (SLG Property) in foreground;and Ron de Vries at the back (SLG Property) meeting potential property investors at the Second Home International Expo in Brussels

If you would like to know more about buying or selling property in Spain, please feel free to contact us for a private, no obligation legal consultation at one of our offices in Southern Spain on the Canary Islands.

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