De Cotta Speakers at the R3 Ladies Business Recovery & Insolvency Group Seminar in UK, February 12, 2013

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Yesterday Sandra Wrightson and Javier
Florido, specialist lawyers from De Cotta Law presented at the R3 Ladies
Business Recovery & Insolvency Group
, at their meeting in Leeds, UK.

R3, the Association of Business Recovery
Professionals, is the foremost industry provider of education and training, offering
national, regional, educational and social networking opportunities for members
and professionals across the UK.

The Association provides information and
guidance on policy and insolvency issues for all those working
within the sector. 

Sandra Wrightson and Javier Florido
presented on ‘Insolvency Law – The Practice & Theory in the Spanish Jurisdiction’
together with ‘Case Law – The Lack of Precedents’.

De Cotta Law is a specialist on advising
on Spanish Law and Assets where there are bankruptcy proceedings in the UK.

Over 50 professionals attended the

For further details of De Cotta Law’s
Professional Services please visit our website.

A summary of the presentation is available
upon request.