Mediation brings together businesses or individuals with the aim of finding a solution to a conflict and avoiding the need to go to court. Mediation saves money and time, and equally important it is entirely confidential to the parties. The costs are shared, and by appointing a mediator the parties can resolve a conflict which could take two to three years to resolve in the courts. This is particularly important in Spain where appeals might not be heard for more than three years.

Mediation in Spain is regulated by the law 5/2012 in Civil and Commercial matters. Consumer law, Family law, Civil law and Road Traffic Accident legislation refers to the possibility of seeking mediation of disputes.

Many contracts now state that mediation should be the first port of call before taking a matter to court. This applies to mortgage executions, consumer contracts, insurance contracts, rental of property, both private and commercial, and company disputes. Mediation of debt disputes can save both the creditor and the debtor from litigation and legal interest, and other charges.

The great advantages to your business is in finding a confidential and less costly settlement of a dispute. This can involve businesses from different jurisdictions both within and outside the European Union. De Cotta Law can provide mediation services and has many international contacts who can assist and prevent the need to litigate in different jurisdictions. For a personal and confidential consultation, contact Sandra Wrightson on [email protected] or call +34 952 527014.