Holiday rentals in Andalucia

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We are pleased to say that one year since this legislation came into effect many of our clients are now receiving registration numbers issued by the Junta de Andalucia for Holiday Rental properties. The registration document provides a VFT number (Viviendas con Fines Turísticos) and lists documents that must be available if there is an inspection.

We are providing our clients with information on all aspects of the rental of Holiday properties as well as supplying model contracts and advising on registration with the Guardia Civil which is an obligation. The Junta is now commencing inspections and in accordance with the law they can impose sanctions for failure to comply.

One issue that is not yet resolved in all areas is that of Occupation licences from the Town Halls. The picture varies with some Town Halls being proactive in issuing licences and others not responding to requests, even in areas where IBI has been paid for many years and the properties were built many years ago.

Sanctions for failing to register can result in fines of up to 18.000€ and the administration can order the closure of the establishment or property for a period of up to 6 months. It is important to get representation if a sanction is imposed as the fine can be considerably reduced. In a recent case, De Cotta Law acted for clients where the fine was reduced to 1.200€ as a result of an appeal. Contact us on [email protected] or Telephone 952 527014.