Our experienced team of litigation lawyers can provide legal advice to help your business if you need assistance with :

  1. Monetary claims against clients or suppliers
  2. Contractual disputes including specific performance
  3. Seeking embargoes against assets
  4. Repossession of property for Banks
  5. Property litigation in the Spanish courts
  6. Advising Insolvency Practitioners and Trustees in Bankruptcy
  7. Execution of foreign judgements in the Spanish & English courts

We will always carry out a cost/benefit analysis for your business before entering into any litigation. With unparalleled access to experts and professionals to review costings and valuations we will firstly seek a negotiated settlement. There are many forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution which will be investigated before undertaking litigation.

When it is necessary to go to court, whether as the claimant or defendant, our lawyers can act for you at every level of the Spanish courts. From lesser claims in the local courts of First Instance up the Supreme Courts in Madrid. Working throughout Spain, the Canary Islands and the Balearics we have taken actions for Banks, Trustees in Bankruptcy, Small & Medium Sized companies and private individuals.

If you have a Cross Border dispute we have extensive contacts to ensure that you always receive advice in your own language. We can also instruct Counsel by Direct access in the UK. This can substantially reduce your legal bills by working with a single law firm in Spain rather than having to instruct different law firms in Spain and England.

However large or small the problem is we will provide a confidential and informed view from the outset. We can draw on De Cotta Law’s 30 years experience in the Spanish courts. Contact us by telephone on +34 952 527014 or email Sandra Wrightson or Javier Florido on [email protected].