You may have commercial and business interests in Spain as well as owning property in the country. We can provide advice to Individuals, Families, Trusts and Family businesses as well as to clients working and living in Spain permanently or temporarily.

Prevention is better than cure in these matters and we can advise on your Spanish and UK wills to ensure there is no conflict. With a growing number of clients owning property and assets in a number of jurisdictions both in Europe and internationally we are able to ensure that you can leave your property to your beneficiaries without the complication of different provisions being applied in different countries.

As Spain is a signatory of the EU regulation on succession, this means you can elect the law you wish to be applied to your succession and this can be particularly important to ensure you have free disposition of assets. Although the UK did not sign this regulation, it is very important to ensure your estate is dealt with as you wish. We specialise in Spanish & UK wills; Inheritance & Succession matters both contentious and non-contentious; Trust Law, Family law including Divorce & Pension splitting; Pre Marital agreements & Joint property declarations; Child matters. We can also work with your professional advisers such as accountants, financial advisers and pension specialists to protect your assets and to ensure you understand your obligations and rights in Spain.

For more information do contact us at [email protected] or call +34 952 527014 and speak to Sandra Wrightson or Jon Sutton who can advise you in your language.