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The law of England and Wales on intestacy, dying without a will, has been changed. The Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act of 2014 has substantially changed the law. Previously where a husband, wife or civil partner had not left a will and there were no children the surviving spouse or partner received the first £450,000 and half of the rest. This has been changed and the spouse or partner will receive the entire estate.

Where there are children the surviving spouse or civil partner previously received the first £250,000 and the interest on half of the remainder. They will now recieve half of the remainder rather than just the interest.

Another very important change is that the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 has been changed to allow stepchildren and those who are treated as children of the couple to make a claim if they are not left adequate provision. This only applies where the children can show they were economically dependant on the deceased.

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