Procedimientos Judiciales

  • Debt Recovery, Business Or Private Disputes
  • Professional Negligence
  • Embargos Against Property
  • Searches On Property & Assets
  • Full Reporting of Your Compensation Claim

Living, working or even owning a home here in Spain or the Canary Islands can mean that you need professional advice from a lawyer with regards to litigation. Or you may have matters requiring litigation in the UK but find it inconvenient to return.

At De Cotta McKenna & Santafé (De Cotta Law), we undertake all types of civil litigation making us ideally positioned to help.

Whether you need help with debt recovery, business or private disputes, professional negligence claims or boundary and building issues, we have the track record to get you results.

We firstly advise to ensure that any action is commenced in the appropriate jurisdiction, whether that is Spain, the Canary Islands, England or elsewhere in Europe or offshore. We then work to achieve resolution through arbitration or through the courts and where appropriate, claim compensation.

We can also seek embargos against property and undertake searches on property and assets to provide effective enforcement of Spanish or foreign judgements and orders.

Whatever the litigation activity, we always ensure you have a full understanding of the proceedings and progress.

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